I’m a doctoral candidate in the Probabilistic Machine Learning group at Aalto University and a freelance software developer living in Finland with my wife and two children. I have a background in Bayesian statistics and probabilistic modelling. My dissertation (currently in pre-examination) deals with using simulator-based models in statistical inference. This blog was recently established to feature some of my coding and machine learning projects, as well as my thoughts related to these topics.

I like designing and building software that fulfils a need and automates routines. Machine learning is a tool for expanding the set of problems that can be automated. Automation can mean for example just solving a Boggle game from an image, or inferring where a device is located based on different measurements from the surroundings, such as a wifi signals or the magnetic field.

As a freelance developer I have built, for instance, a tailored web shop for a customer with Ruby on Rails. During my PhD studies, I was a core developer of ELFI, a Python software comprising a set of machine learning methods for simulator-based inference that was recently accepted to JMLR MLOSS. ELFI provides a convenient interface for specifying simulator-based inference problems with a graph, and streamlines many tasks in performing the inference, including parallelization to a computational cluster.

My LinkedIn profile provides further information about me. If you wish to contact me, I can be reached by sending email to jarno.lintusaari [at] aalto.fi or from the social media links below.